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Acoustic & Bass EP

by Gray Songs

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Parts Of A Whole (free) 02:02
Parts of a whole. I know your needs they’re sexually transmitted through the airwaves when you breathe. I’ve seen the damage, that was left but. Debauchery seems ever, ever so sweet. Like parts of a whole. X3 Alone were incomplete. I know your fears they’re bottled up like unopened wine I wasn’t supposed to drink. .I got some ideas, wrote them all down. To wonder later, What the fuck does that mean? Sometimes, you need a shoulder and. Sometimes, you need a friend. Like parts of a whole.
Refuse A Warning (free) 03:49
Refuse a warning. I can take the pain I can take it all I can take you down and hold you to the flour Don’t fear the shame Won’t dodge the fall I may be cut and bruised but I’ll be coming back for more Cause I refuse To take a warning Your good advice is lost on me it’s washed away almost completely. Refuse, to take a warning. I know that you Have been right before You told me I should stay away, told me I should go I won’t complain Don’t tend to draw Conclusions out of anything that’s happened you should know. That I refuse. Don’t wanna hear your voice now Don’t wanna hear the words Don’t want to hear what you think I’ll take my chances and find my own way.
First Impressions (free) 04:11
First impressions This is an apology, for what I said before. This is an attempt to make things right. First impressions did not last, and I can’t say. I’m sorry any more. Oh, I guess that’s how it goes. Friendships stick, and the sex drive slows. I start to wish; I’d spent less time. Rating your body, to discover your mind. So I mistook insecurity. For vanity again. And I mistook your intensity. For arrogance, now I wish that we were friends. Don’t put your faith in first impressions, No need for attitudes so bad, we got it wrong. And we paid with our pride.
Can't Cope (free) 02:59
Can’t cope. Search for feelings pray for sins, the gravity just pulls me in. Can’t explain the way my mind, gets caught and tied up all the time. Wires cross and thoughts go wrong, another world is where I belong. Everyday the poison air, I choke upon it but who cares? I can’t cope. Don’t wanna think about it. Don’t wanna talk about it. Won’t hear me cry about it. Feeling life’s a holocaust, looking down at what we lost. Failed to see just what I’ve got watching and waiting for the clock. Monotony monogamy, maybe for you but not for me. Caught the bug and a bad mood that turns the day dark, out of tune. And there is nothing more to see. But it don’t mean a thing to, me. And if theirs nowhere left to go Then tell me something, I don’t know.
Replay (+Cuts & Scars) (free) 06:41
REPLAY. We seem to play these games all the time and keep these things inside our minds till, They come back cause the douse was too small. And I’ve never saved a princess, Not at all. So I’ve failed again I tried to blame you. Better left behind? It’s not true. Hide these thoughts so they cannot bloom. It’s not like playing Mario and doom. If life is nothing but a game. Then I can’t seem to find replay. Don’t give me hope, don’t make me happy. I’m sick of all you messing with me. It brings me down and twists out the joy. You played me like tetras on a gameboy. There is always so much to be done. But it feels like we are stuck on level one.


released July 31, 2007


all rights reserved



Gray Songs Burnley

Acoustic wielding singer songwriter.

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